5 Reasons Why the New “Blade Runner: 2049” Movie Sucked

Blade Runner: 2049 sucks
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The Directors Cut of Blade Runner
The Director’s Cut version of “Blade Runner” is a phenomenal movie. From the opening scene of Los Angeles at night, towering buildings, industrial chimneys billowing fire and smoke, the thousands of pinhole sized lights, the majestic intro music, all the way to the very end, the poetic monologue by the dying replicant. Every scene in the movie compels you to watch the next one, as you follow agent Deckard in his pursuit of rogue replicants. It was only a few months ago that I watched the Director’s Cut of “Blade Runner” and it is a movie that has stayed with me ever since. It is that good.

Blade Runner: 2049

With that in mind, I was expecting the new Blade Runner movie, Blade Runner: 2049, to be good as well. Powerhouse director Ridley Scott was at the helm, and the original Blade Runner himself, Harrison Ford, was starring in it as well. It would take a major SNAFU (Situation Normal All Fouled Up) for something to go awry with this epic tale.

Sitting in the movie theatre at AMC Lowes 13, Lincoln Center, in the Upper West Side, as the movie started, I was excited to experience the sequel to one of the best movies of all time.

As the movie unfolded before me, my excitement turned to disappointment, then anger, as I asked myself, “why is this scene going on for so long” and “why didn’t they use the original flying patrol car” and “why is it gray background and not dark black background” and more whys. The why’s just kept coming. The only time the movie really got interesting is when Harrison Ford showed up. Here’s 5 reasons why the new Blade Runner movie sucked.

1. It was boring.
The first hour of the movie is boring. Ryan Gosling looks bored. Boring backdrops. Boring dialogue. No reason to care about the main character.

2. The Set Design Sucked
Instead of sticking to form and keeping the set design with black skies, ferocious fire-breathing industrial cities, thousands of tiny lights from cityscape windows, and pounding rain, the set designers made the sky backdrop to “gray” and made the backdrop of the rooms to white. It was nauseating. Reminds you of a sci-fi movie in the late 1990’s or mid-2000’s.

3. Bad Script
Who wrote the script? It was boring.

4. Bad Casting
A tough lady police chief with short hair? Who looks lesbian? Gee, let’s use an overused trope that’s been used since the early 1990’s. Is this a movie that I found on VHS at the thrift store? Really?

5. Bad Directing
Ridley Scott was unavailable to direct, so Denis Villeneuve directed. He is a director of boring movies like “Arrival”. This movie deserved a better director, someone who has respect for the first film as well as the creative imagination to pull off a terrific sequel. Judging from how awful “Blade Runner: 2049” is, Villeneuve proves that he has neither of these.

Blade Runner: 2049

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