3 Reasons Why the NetFlix Show “Chef’s Table: France” is the Best Cooking Show 0f 2017

alain passard chef
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Got a hunger for a cooking show that will get you inspired?

Watching the wonderfully-produced Netflix show “Chef’s Table: France”, will inspire you to the point that that you’ll be watching the show while booking your next flight to France, to experience the wonderful culinary delights of award-winning Michelin star chefs like Alain Passard and Alexandre Couillon.

Creativity and Passion
Alain Passard runs the 3-Michellin star rated restaurant L’Arpe’ge in Paris, France. Alexandre Couillon runs the island cafe La Marine in Noirmoutier-en-l’Île, France. Although both chefs come from completely different backgrounds, their passion and persistence to produce delicious meals has won accolades from the critics.

Personal Experiences Working in Palm Beach, Florida
The reason why this show inspires me so much is that it reminds me of my time working as a line cook in the restaurant kitchens of Palm Beach, Florida. From 1994 – 2004, this was my occupation. I worked in many restaurants in Palm Beach, Florida and even West Palm Beach, Florida. I understand the pressures and the performance that is involved with putting out high-quality food for hundreds-of-selective-patrons night-after-night. It’s a rigorous job–one that’s physically demanding with little reward, but, at the same time, gratifying in a way that only line cooks and chefs can understand.

alain passard chef
Alain Passard, chef at Arpe’ge Restaurant in Paris, France

Here are 3 Reasons why the NetFlix Show “Chef’s Table: France” is the Best Cooking Show of 2017

1. The Cinematography is Brilliant
Watching this show is a feast for the eyes. The cinematography is rich, lavish, beautifully composed. It is the polar opposite of watching the “junk food TV shows” where you see chefs laughing, talking about the news of the day, telling jokes. This article at GearPatrol explains the secrets to the cinematography and why it matters.

2. The Musical Score is Fantastic
The musical score for NetFlix show: Chef’s Table: France is so good that the composer has a SoundCloud account. Duncan Thum is the genius behind the music. Visit his website here.

3. The Absence of Politics and Politically-Correct Ideaologies
The cooking shows that used to be popular, where you’d see the chefs yelling, telling jokes, and talking about the news-of-the-day, rely on politically-correct jokes wherein the cooking and the food is becomes the appetizer and the main dish gets lost in the noise. You won’t find politics and news on NetFlix Chef’s Table: France. What you will find is a human story, beautifully composed videography, a fantastic musical score, and inspiration that results in a feast for the eyes.

Alexandre Couillon chef
Alexandre Couillon, chef at La Marine

The Netflix show – Chef’s Table: France
Everything about this show is fantastic. If you don’t have a NetFlix account, get one now, just to watch this show. It is that good. It is that inspiring.

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